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Our Classes

At Shiryodo Karate our goal is to make the best martial arts has to offer available to everyone. Our classes are aimed to give a great experience to all ages and levels of ability, while also catering to the needs of families.

To achieve this balance we have a range of classes, some with combined age groups some with separate age groups. There are also classes for different levels of experience. Structuring the classes this way caters for the different needs of different groups but at the same time builds a community atmosphere through the cross over and working together of different levels and ages.

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Age groups
There is some cross over and flexibility built into our programs, this allows us to support the different needs of individuals.

Our training groups are Ninja 3-4, Dragons 4-7, Youth 7-14 and Senior 14-Adult. For children 7 years of age we encourage them to enter directly into the youth program and for those 14 years of age directly into the senior program. There are however some children who choose to stay in the different programs longer or move up sooner, we look at this on a case by case basis.

There are classes for the 4 different age groups as well as combined youth and adult classes. On a Friday we have an open training session where everyone can train but still break the class up into different groups. This encourages families to participate together whilst also providing an opportunity for students in the youth program to be influenced by the positive role models that they see in the adult programs.

This concept is also extended to the Junior program where some of the more advanced junior students are permitted to train once a week in one of the youth classes. At the same time some of the more senior students in the youth program are also encouraged to assist in the junior classes. This provides positive role models for the younger children while the older children gain leadership skills and benefit greatly from the responsibility given them.

Ninja class 3 - 4 year pld

Ninja 3 -4 year old

Karate will help them gain discipline, self-confidence, independence, improve their physical fitness, including coordination, flexibility, and strength.

Dragons 4-7 year old

All the benefits of traditional martial arts adapted for children from 4 – 7 years.

Dragon class 4 - 7 year old
Youth class 7 - 14 year old

Youth 7 - 14 year old

Karate designed to develop confidence, self discipline and respect while teaching your child how to defend themselves.

Senior 14 - Adult

A traditional karate program that will get you fit, flexible and confident you can defend yourself.

Senior class 14 - adult
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