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About Shiryodo Karate

Shiryodo means the way of compassion. Our goal is through martial arts training to help people become the best they can be. To empower them, make them more confident, improve their health and general well being, give them greater focus and self discipline. It is through our constant striving to help those who come to us achieve their goals that we practice compassion.

"Through Shiryodo Karate we will help you discover the best you can be."

Modern approach to traditional martial arts
We teach traditional karate, but constantly seek out worlds best practice in order to continue to evolve and adapt what we do to be as effective as possible in the modern world. For example our training includes includes the use of improvised weapons such as pens, keys and mobile phones.

Class at Shiryodo Karate

Safe training environment.
The safety and well being of our students is our priority. The training practices we use are designed to be safe for those participating while also being challenging and enjoyable. Our purpose built training facility has floor matting and other training aids that further enhance the safety and enjoyment of what we do.

kid doing self-defacne
self-defance takeing down

A positive experience.
Some people may have vivid images of karate instructors resembling drill sergeants screaming at their students to give them 20 pushups. While this may be a true in some martial arts schools, Shiryodo Karate does not operate in this way!

People take up martial arts for many reasons. The decision to do so is not only respected, but commended. Everyone can benefit and grow through the martial arts training. Rather than short listing all but the hardest, strongest and most determined students, we help develop the strength and determination of ALL through encouragement, positive reinforcement and mutual respect.

Students achieve a high standard through the self-belief this method of training instills in them. This type of training creates a desire in those training to fulfill their potential and the knowledge that they can and will with the support of those around them. Strong committed martial artists are a natural consequence of this environment, along with respect, discipline and courtesy.

More than just Karate.
We have lots of training and social events both in and out of the dojo that help build a strong community atmosphere within the dojo and add to the experience of training at Shiryodo Karate. Xmas parties, snow trips, Run Geelong, Tough Mudder, Survivor parties, Earth hour, beach training, training trips to Thailand and Japan are all examples of events organized by the dojo. We have a lot of fun and a lot of great experiences in the process.

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