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Ninja 3-4 year old

The Shiryodo Karate 3-4 Ninjas is a special program just for 3 + 4 year olds. Parents participate in the class, helping children, holding pads and supporting them. Children can move to our 4-7 Dragons classes any time after turning 3 years 9 months, they can alternate between programs to see how they go and help them intergrate.

Introductory Program
Children starting out in these classes come along and join in with the other children for their intro classes. This gives them the opportunity to experience what training in one of the classes is like before starting. Unlike our other programs children of this age group don’t get a uniform for their intro classes, instead we give it to them when they join with the same discount.

Some times when young children are starting something new like karate what they expect and what they find can be quite different. For this reason it’s best to bring them to their first class 10-15 minutes early so we can explain to them what they will be doing before they start.

Class Structure

Classes are divided up according to experience / age of students. This enables us to focus on their differing needs. The classes will vary, but will contain elements of the following:

  • Warm up and stretching (Parents can join with with your kids)

  • Do the obstacle coures

  • Basic techniques e.g. punches, kicks 

  • Doing techniques aganist the pads with their parents

Sienna get the new belt
kids kicking kickshield


  • Learn self-defense skills: Karate can teach children how to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

  • Build confidence: Practicing karate can help children develop a sense of confidence and self-assurance.

  • Improve physical fitness: Karate is a great form of exercise that can improve a child's strength, flexibility, and endurance.

  • Bond with their parents: Practicing karate together can be a fun way for parents and children to spend quality time together and strengthen their relationship.

  • Develop discipline and focus: Karate requires a lot of concentration and discipline, which can help children develop better focus and self-control.

  • Learn respect and humility: Karate emphasizes respect for oneself and others, as well as the importance of humility and learning from mistakes.


There are several benefits of 3-4 year old children participating in karate classes with their parents, including:

  1. Physical development: Karate classes can help children improve their coordination, balance, and overall fitness.

  2. Cognitive development: Karate involves learning new techniques, practicing them, and applying them in a controlled setting, which can help children develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  3. Socialization: Karate classes provide a structured environment for children to interact with their peers and learn to follow rules and directions.

  4. Bonding with parents: Participating in karate classes with their parents can help children develop a stronger bond with their caregivers and provide an opportunity for shared physical activity.

  5. Self-discipline: Karate emphasizes self-discipline, respect for others, and self-control, which can help children learn to manage their emotions and behavior.

  6. Self-defense: Learning basic self-defense techniques can help children feel more confident and empowered in potentially dangerous situations.

  7. Setting and achieving goals: Karate classes often include belt ranking systems that provide children with a clear path for setting and achieving goals.

  8. Improved focus and concentration: Karate requires a high level of focus and concentration, which can help children develop these skills over time.

Overall, participating in karate classes with their parents can provide young children with a variety of physical, cognitive, and social benefits that can support their development and well-being.

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