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Shiryodo Karate runs great martial arts birthday parties, the kids attending these have a ball and the adults organizing them love how smoothly they run. This is a great fun alternative for you to consider for your child’s birthday. This will be one birthday party that everyone will talk about for weeks to come.

The most common thing we hear from the kids at our parties…

"The best party ever!"

What do parents tell us about our parties?

"I can’t believe how they well behaved and attentive they all were."

We can email you a pdf of martial arts birthday invitations for you to print or email to those coming. After the party we supply thank you notes that include a picture of the kids enjoying the day.

Our instructor will make sure that everyone has a fun day, lots of games and lots of martial arts. You just need bring food and drinks for the kids and any decorations.

The parties go for 1 hour 45 minutes. Times available for parties are:
Saturdays 1pm & 3pm or Sundays 10am, 12 noon & 2pm. All times are dependent on instructor and dojo availability, so we recommend you book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Parties are suitable for children from ages 4 to 14 years.

We will adjust our schedule depending on the children their ages and how they are responding. But a typical party will be:

  • Birthday child greats all the guests at the door with the instructor.

  • We start the day with a discussion about what karate is and how and why we show respect in karate. It will then be explained what we will be doing for the day.

  • Next we all bow on the floor.

  • Then we do a warm up

  • Then everyone learns how to do some punches and kicks with the birthday boy or girl assisting with the practice.

  • Then some games using punches and kicks.

  • Everyone has some food and some free time.

  • Next everyone learns how to break a board, and practice on soft pads.

  • Everyone then has a chance to practice on a re-breakable board. These are made of plastic with varying degrees of difficulty. The easiest ones are really easy for all of them to break.

  • Finally the birthday person gets to break a real board (The board they break and technique used to break it will be selected to ensure they are successful).

  • For $4 Per Child every child will have the opportunity to break a real board. Sometimes parents are concerned that children may not want to do this because it will be difficult, we can assure you they will definitely want to have a go. We have boards of various sizes so that all children can do this. With years of experience we can ensure that this is challenging but achievable.

The cost is $190 for the birthday person and 9 or less guests. For any extra guests (more than 9) it is an extra $9 per person. Food and cake need to be supplied by you along with balloons and streamers if you would like these. We will clean up afterwards but ask that you take any left over food etc.

Kid pacrice break the board
Party Birthday at Shiryodo Karate
kid doing karate
Party Birthday at Shiryodo Karate
Kid kicking kickshield
invitation for karate B'day party

Download invitation here

kid doing karate
kid doing the warmup
kid breaking board
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