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Special Needs

Our special needs class is designed to cater for those who need a bit more specialized attention to be able to benefit from martial arts. Also karate help people to meet the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs of children, teens and adults. Students can improve several areas of personal growth such as improved balance and coordination, stamina, focus and attention, self-control, self-esteem and social skills.. This class is 4:15 Thursday during the school term.

These classes are perfect for children with Autism, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers or for other reasons find our regular classes difficult. We do have children with many different challenges that do our regular classes. The inspiration for this program was the great results quite a few very challenged children had achieved in our regular program. Having this extra class makes it easier for those with challenges to overcome some of the obstacles they may come across.

Some of the children in this program will also do classes with the regular kids program, others will only do these classes, then some will do these classes for a while before transitioning to our regular classes. We work with parents and children to determine what is best for individual children on a case by case basis, we understand everyone is unique.


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