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Main training floor of dojo

Training facilities
The main training floor is large and open to allow plenty of space for training. The wooden floor is lightly sprung so it is not hard on ankles and knees. There is a matted area that is used for practicing take-downs, rolls , groundwork or any other activities where a soft floor is required. Punching bags, kick shields, focus mitts and a range of other training equipment is available for instructors to easily incorporate into classes.

Outdoor training area

With the need to respond to COVID restrictions we built a large undercover outdoor training area. This has training mats to train on and is great to train in. This is such a good space we now use it regularly even when there are no restrictions.

Outside training area

Online training

We have state of the art online facilities. Multiple high quality webcams, screens, wireless mics, everything needed to be able to deliver a great onine training experience. With the main dojo setup you can attend almost all classes online and train with those in the dojo, our setup allows this to happen seamlessly anytime someone can’t train live, others choose to train this way for convenience. We also have a dedicated room for running online sessions, with multiple instructors we use both facilities to provide a varied and enjoyable online experience.

Change rooms

Change rooms have space for people to leave bags / clothing while training. There is a disabled toilet / parents room available for use as well if assisting young children.

Reception & waiting area

When you come to Shiryodo Karate there is a modern reception area with pro-shop for all your martial arts supplies. Eftpos facilities are available. Tea and coffee facilites, magazines and ample seating is provided for parents and others waiting or watching classes. Cold drinks can also be purchased.

Parent seating are in dojo

Facilities & Amenities

Full amenities are provided including large change rooms and shower facilities. The dojo also has amenities and access for the disabled and visually impaired access.

Heating & Cooling

Heaters make it comfortable for those watching classes during the colder months. On a nice day large windows and ceiling fans keep the air flowing so people can train that bit harder. During summer evaporative coolers keep the temperature down.

The little things

Being a purpose built center there are many small things that have been included to make it the perfect place for people to come and enjoy martial arts. These start before you even enter with a large entry providing shoe racks for students to put their shoes in. For your valuables there is a storage area on the wall as you go onto the main training floor. Wooden floors have been used through out the center to provide a suitably sprung training surface. For students arriving early for class a warm up / cool down area is also provided.

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