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Head Instructor

Shihan Malcolm Ayles

Shihan Malcolm Ayles, head instructor of Shiryodo Karate is a 5th degree black belt; he started training in karate in 1991, prior to this having trained in boxing and kickboxing. He has been running his own martial arts school since 2001, initially from a hired hall then opened the current full time location in 2003.

Shihan Malcolm is well known and respected within the Australian martial arts community. He is the current Victorian technical director of the National All Styles organization, in charge of overseeing the refereeing for Victoria.

Shihan Malcolm has a degree majoring in Psychology, his commitment always being to helping his students develop their true potential and achieve their goals. He believes in a holistic approach to martial arts, Shiryodo Karate doesn’t just teach self defense and skills for competition it also helps develop the individual, improving their self confidence, health and fitness, self discipline and sense of who they are.

Shihan Malcolm is passionate in his belief that through Shiryodo Karate many peoples lives can be dramatically enhanced. His passion and drive clearly being demonstrated by his building of Geelong's first purpose built martial arts centre.

Shihan Malcolm Ayles

"Through Shiryodo Karate we will help you discover the best you can be."

Shihan Malcolm Ayles juming over trophy
Shihan Malcolm Ayles getting the belt

Nationally recognized martial Artist, Shihan Malcolm was a fierce competitor for many years. He won multiple All Styles Australian titles for Black Belt sparring and at the World All Styles Organization World titles in September 2000, attended by competitors from around the world, Malcolm placed second in forms and third in sparring.

In 2007 he competed in Japan at the Seido Karate world championships, winning the light weight sparring. In the champion of champions fight off he defeated the middle weight competitor before losing to the heavy weight competitor from Jamaica.

In 2011 Shihan Malcolm came out of competition retirement for 1 year. At the National All Styles Australian titles he won Australian titles in Veterans (over 35) Point Sparring and Veterans (over 35) Forms. In the black belt open forms division against competitors half his age he placed 2nd.

Shihan Malcolm also supports and has attended many WKO (World Kumite Organization) events since first associating with the organization in 2010. This is a full contact karate organization, promoting full contact fighting around the world. Through this association he has trained with some of the best full contact fighters and coaches in the world, also bringing the same opportunity to his students.

"Martial arts competitions are not for everyone but for those who want to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves there is nothing like fighting in all styles tournaments. Suddenly you find yourself standing across from someone you have never seen before about to fight. Osu. Shihan Malcolm."

Shihan Malcolm Ayles in magazine

Shihan Malcolm featured on the cover of Blitz martial arts magazine with a 7 page feature revealing his journey fighting for action on Climate change while raising awareness within the martial arts community.

Shihan Malcolm Ayleswith trophy

Shihan Malcolm at the 1997Â National All styles Australian titles in Queensland with the victorious Victorian men’s point sparring team.

Shihan Malcolm Ayles sparring

Shihan Malcolm sparring at the 2011 NAS Australian titles

Shihan Malcolm is also well known for his work with the environment. He founded Climate Warrior, a NFP that aims to increase awareness and action within the martial arts community around climate change. As a member of Al Gores Climate Reality Leadership Corps he has also done numerous public presentations on this subject.

In the 2 years leading up to the December 2015 United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, Shihan Malcolm worked tirelessly to help build support for a strong global agreement. He remains active in this area but now believes his greatest contribution is developing the strength that will be needed to cope in the decades ahead.

"The world is taking action on climate change but not near what the science tells us is required. The world our children will be living in is very uncertain and largely out of our control. What we can do is build their strength and resilience so that whatever challenges come along they will be able to deal with them as effectively as possible. Through Shiryodo karate I am helping develop the strength they will need in difficult times. Osu. Shihan Malcolm."

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